‘PLEASE’-coming to a cinema near you.


For 25 years I have wanted to make a documentary. Subjects include Human Rights, Missing Persons, Travel, the Environment, Peace, Litter…and so here it is. Time to ditch the messing about.

The docu/film is to be called ‘PLEASE’. Please-because it’s one of the most powerful words I know. Follow a request with ‘please’, and you give your audience a choice. Please, because I am asking for help, and please, because I believe it does a pretty good job helping open up the human heart.

The docu/film is about Litter. It will concentrate on the British Isles. It will show the audience the size of our litter problem. It will show the amount of clearing work done by our councils. It will show the amount of clearing work done by our volunteers. It will highlight the organisations with a passion for cleaning up our Isles and it will show the general public’s attitudes to litter.

To clear up the litter in the British Isles will take a large amount of energy. But it can be done. A plan will emerge.

That plan will be organised, safe and efficient. It will start with small documented clear ups, (please send me in your videos or photos). It will see partnership between volunteer and local councils. It will see inspired and exciting planning for detailed, large and wide spread clean ups, (imagine the whole of the M25 motorway clean!).

What this really takes is a concerted belief, desire and effort to clean up the British Isles to the best of our ability in 2013.

Please think about it. If you’d like to join in, think of the best way that you can contribute. You can start right now. On your way to work, pick up that scuffed cup. On your way down the pub, throw a few stray cans in the bin. On your walks, pick up those sweet wrappers. Clean up your local street. Help keep the parks clean. If you see a fly tipped fridge in a lay by or in a field give your local council a call. They’ll pick it up. Organise a local litter pick, not once a year, perhaps once a month. Join a local litter clean up club. And ‘PLEASE’, stop chucking your trash out of your car window.  It really doesn’t help!

There are thousands of devoted litter pickers in our country. I am going to introduce them to you. They all believe in a clean world. They are all working for a clean world. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us get there quicker. Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve already written the review for ‘PLEASE’. It goes like this:

‘In one year, a group of people convinced another group of people who convinced all sorts of other people to get together with the single purpose of cleaning up their act…and they did it. In spectacular time, with rugid efficiency and bountiful energy, a whole mass of people cleaned up the British Isles. An extraordinary, moving and compelling example of what Human Beings are capable of. Watch it-please!’

More information on the way. Thanks. Simon Owens.



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3 Responses to ‘PLEASE’-coming to a cinema near you.

  1. What a great project. Looking forward to the premier!

  2. Clare Thomas says:

    you can try Keep Britain Tidy (keepbritaintidy.org) for help. Good luck.

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Great idea.Imagine a litter free Britain,fantastic. Can we help?

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