Today’s Update #32.


Hi Everybody, and more thanks to another fine Backer, thank you very much. I hope, along with everyone else who might be still reading these updates that you enjoy the final 3 days and 17 hours of this “” crowd funding project.

We are up to £2081. I have 36 Backers. In fact there are several more, some that didn’t have access to Pay Pal and asked me to put it through my own account. But let’s stick to the tally board.

And what would I do with £10,000?

1) Buy a good condition second hand trailer for my car. 2) Get a tow bar fixed to my Mazda. 3) Buy a few more tools and enough work/safety gear for 4 people. The Helping Hand Company, ( have already helped me with equipment…and have pledged more-excellent.

I am then set to roll. Money will be spent on fuel for my vehicle. This could be as much as £1500 over the three month period.

4) I have one full time subcontracting employee eager to start. He needs paying. I have one part time subcontracting employee ready to start. She needs paying. Both of these people are registered homeless. I know them both. I have already employed them both. They are good workers, are looking for work, are reliable, love the outdoors and the part time lady has picked litter at festivals already. I am very confident that they will be superb work mates. Oh, and I need to pay myself!

5) Newspapers have reported my litter picking campaign as a ‘highly dangerous plan’-without reading my plan! I will be litter picking lay-bys, essentially ‘non dangerous’ and areas you are allowed to park cars in and walk around in. I will be picking on ‘safe’ road verges on as safe roads as possible. There will be no stupidness and no risk taking. No one in my mind will get injured picking up litter. We will also pick litter in villages, on river banks, beaches and anywhere our Backers consider relevant to do.

6) The Councils/Waste contractors have warned about being liable for charges if I want to dispose of waste that I have collected. I understand this. There are two immediate options here:

a) I will only pick up aluminium drinks cans and plastic drinks bottles-both of which I can take to recycling plants and get money for. Ray of, (Update 19) will happily take all aluminium drinks cans to support his son’s treatment-although he has an interview with BBC Radio Solent tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t it be great if the public were able to change his fortunes and come up with an easier way to supplement his expenditure. I visited Ray and Ben yesterday. I thought I was clever taking nearly 2,000 cans to him, until I looked in his garden. We’re talking mini recycling plant! What a father. What a grafter. What alotta cans.

b) The second option is that the powers that be and I come to an arrangement re those charges. I pick up the trash-They let me dispose of it at the tip!

7) Another option is that I can remove all the fly tipped stuff out of ditches and up onto higher ground, neatly and safely piled up ready for collection by the councils or relevant contractors. This only takes organisation and a phone call. Trash is removed, dealt with and I don’t get charged-but I do do some of the work-paid by my crowd funding Backers-would that feel good People? I’ll photograph ‘before and after’ clear ups for you all to witness.

8) Money will go on the minimal office work necessary to make this project efficient.

9) Money will go on sundry expenses to keep the project on track.

10) I have allocated £2,000 to come up with a hard hitting, informative, interesting and inspiring piece of film work to cover the whole clean up project/adventure/undertaking.

11) There will also be enough money available to ensure all my rewards are met, to you, my Backers.

On another note I had a very good conversation with the head of one of the local Council’s waste department branches. I am sure we can work together, or alongside one another. They need and appreciate the public’s help.

As far as the £10,000 target goes-I would rather not wait until the last 10 minute session as explained in Update 30! I have five hundred and thirty four “Ten Minute Sessions” to go until my deadline at 10.05am this Monday morning. I totally believe in a God, and I ask that God right now, if this is the best thing I can do with my life right now, can you please help me reach my target in a ten minute session far before the last one available! Many thanks.

I realize that miracles don’t always just fall at your feet. You often have to work for them. In last night’s update I spoke of that rolling ball. Is it still rolling? If it is, do I need to kick it a little harder? Kick it in a different direction? Stop kicking it? Change the ball? Forget about the ball?

So many questions! What do I do Lord?!

Answers on a tweet/through face book/in a conversation, a phone call, a tap on the shoulder-”PLEASE”!

Over and out for today. This is Simon Owens reporting for project “PLEASE”, Costa café, Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK.

Thank you All.

—Quoting from ‘the little book of Litter an essential guide’ by Keep Britain Tidy. Apparently, 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped on the streets of the UK every day. £885 million is the cost to taxpayers every year to clean up litter from our streets. 99% of streets in town centres in England have cigarette litter. £20,000 is the average cost of cleaning up chewing gum from a town centre—

To back my project please visit:

Thank you.


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