Twelve and a half hours to go!


Evening Everybody, stuck on £2081!  13 hours and 20 minutes left until my deadline at 10.05am tomorrow morning, Monday, UK time, and that’ll be 5.05pm in Perth, Australia, 5.05am in Maine, USA.  That is the breath of support you have given me on this project.  Pledgers from Western Australia to the UK and across to the East Coast of America.  Thank you all very much.  Without two of my Pledgers, Ben and James, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened at all.  So thanks very much Ben and James for your crowdfunding platform, and for your support, and for the £500 pledged towards the Short Film Award

So the deadline has not arrived yet.  I have just tweeted various hotspots around the Planet.  I tweeted the Riviera, the Caribbean, Mallorca, Monaco and Lymington in the UK asking:  “Are you sunning it on your yacht thinking, Hmm, what can I do with some of my money?  How about this…(and then a link to my site)”.  I tweeted a few more entrepreneurs, tweeted a few humorous tweets, and received replies from Ibiza, and new tweeters and old.

I want to up my stakes!  I’m thinking now, why not ask for £100,000, buy a truck, employee staff…and clean up every lay-by in the UK.  You’ve shown me that it’s possible.  It’s got to be done one day presumably, so why not start it now?

I could feel a failure if after ‘zero hour’ my tally is not met.  But I’m not going to.  I’ve attracted a small but interesting network of people.  I have learned a lot.  My campaign has been mentioned in several newspapers and I had that great interview on Radio Solent.  I ‘have’ cleaned up nearly 2000 drinks cans…and put them to good use.  I cleared a lay-by this morning, paid the guy, (another good worker) and took some photos of some good work done.

I’m looking at the list of my backers.

1)  The Two Founders of
2)  16 Unknown Backers. (plus 2 through ‘my’ Backing account)
3)  3 Twitter friends.
4)  7 Business’.
5)  7 Friends and Workmates,  (plus 3 through my Backing account).
6)  2 Family members, (plus 3 through my Backing account).

Thank you very much to you all.  Whichever way 10.05am goes I am extremely grateful for your support and for your belief in the ‘theory’ of my project.

I’ll wake up early in the morning, check the ‘tally’…and go back under the covers, or give a whoop of delight!

I will apologise if I don’t succeed…but I WILL NOT feel bad.  I’ll just have to regroup, rethink and retry!

Tomorrow morning Folks, tomorrow morning.


Further Potential Backers, please open link below!  Many thanks.


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