Off the back of a Litter Campaign, Syria says ‘What about me?’


As I sit in my boat in Cherbourg marina thinking of my month’s litter picking campaign, I ask the God that I have come to believe in what I do next?

The instant ‘silent’ words of Syria come to mind. At 12.58pm on the 6th of May, two days ago @RevolutionSyria sent out a tweet on Twitter saying:

“A genocidal regime is committing genocide and a happy relaxed world is watching and eating popcorn! #Syria” It was retweeted eleven times and two people favourited it. I sat there and tweeted my reply: “What do we do?”

And I left it at that, until now when offering up that ‘prayer’ for guidance, in my mind I am told ‘Syria’.

What can we do? Do we, do you want to live in a world where we witness such horrors? If the answer is yes, then I reckon we do nothing. Why? Because we are oblivious to the pain around us and we have no concern towards it. If ‘shit’ happens-let it happen.

If the answer to this question is ‘No’, we, I do not want to live in a world like this, then what can we do to help change it? Can we do anything apart from pray for a peaceful world to appear from nowhere? I do believe in miracles so for me this must be an option, but peace in the main is still not happening, so amongst one’s yearnings and desires is there a route one can take to help create this peaceful world that so many seem to want?

How about the most transparent vote for peace or hell ever?!

Early last year I was grappling with the same feelings. I went down to the B and Q hardware store, bought a whiteboard placard, cut it in two and wrote on both pieces:

“If you would like the killings to stop in Syria now-please put your hand up. Thank you”.

I stuck them to a stick, took it to London on a Saturday afternoon and walked around the streets for four hours-sign aloft for all to read. Did people put their hands up? Yes. Did people read it and not put their hands up? Yes. Reasons? Embarrassment or fear of showing their feelings in public, not interested in what I had to say, or maybe they felt it was nothing to do with them.

At school we are asked to put our hands up if we want something. Who wants to play in the playground teacher asks? We vote with our hands.

“Who would like the killings to stop in Syria now?”

Can we vote with our hands? Take pictures of people voting with their hands. Tweet them, face book them, send them to the national newspapers of the world.

Can we do anything to help the people of Syria? We can say what we would like for the people of Syria that’s what we can do.

“Whatever you are doing, whoever you are, wherever you are, would you raise your hand if you’d like the killings to stop in Syria right now. Thank you”.

There, you’ve done something. You’ve raised your voice. You’ve said what you want, peace in Syria now Please.


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2 Responses to Off the back of a Litter Campaign, Syria says ‘What about me?’

  1. Litter Patrol says:

    I’m curious Simon. I’d like to know more about the God that you have come to believe in. Being a somewhat disillusioned post evangelical believer myself.

  2. simon owens says:

    I’ll sit down and write about it Joe. I’ll do my best to give you an explanation of what I mean.

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