“Twitter might help!” part 1.

So I want to write a book-at least I think I do! The amount of times I have started to is ridiculous! I must have owned at least 15 typewriters or keyboards and several of those have received my heavy hand when frustration just overwhelmed my desire to scribe out ‘the bestseller’!

So now here I am again! Less frustrated for sure. I have my trusty Advent mini laptop in front of me. I have just turned down work in the UK and am somehow creating ‘the’ situation to finally get some decent writing done…and to ‘somehow’ earn a living in the process. This is the plan. This has been the plan for years. And can I finally make it happen? If I make the effort I am sure I can.

So I was thinking of a title, and I was thinking of what to write about, who my audience was, and where to start. And that time old frustration started to emerge…but I’m not having any of that any more! Yes, I need help with this project. So what sort of help do I need?

Life doesn’t always work the way you want it too so in a sudden flash of inspiration I thought I would turn to twitter for a bit of help and I tweeted, ‘If you were only allowed 3 words, what would the title of your first or next book be?’

I received two replies, both interesting, and both from interesting people. I wonder if they just chose a title of a book they would like to write, or just the title they would give a book if they were to write one?

So my title is this, and it is totally ‘not’ the title I would have chosen. It is in three words:

“Twitter might help!”

…and twitter might not help, but this is a start. It’s really rather exciting, because I don’t know where it will lead.

Would the two people who replied to my earlier tweet like to send a paragraph of why they chose their titles? That could be an interesting start. Shall I send the tweet out again and hopefully get more replies? Might do.

I think my sole desire in writing is to help make our World a much better place to live in, like right now or as soon as humanely possible. I can write comedy. I can write philosophy. I can write adventures. But I see the pain in the World and would like it to disappear. What’s the point of writing if not to better our World? Twitter might help!


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3 Responses to “Twitter might help!” part 1.

  1. Crochet Ali says:

    Why I chose the title “Crochet All Day” – well it’s because that it is what I do, pretty much! If I am not teaching I am designing Crochet & if I am not designing or teaching I am working on my Crochet eLearning course (now creating course 3) and if I am not doing any of those I work on my Crochet Book!! :0)

  2. macscrochet says:

    I would call my book “Crochet All Day” because this is what I do! If I am not teaching Crochet I am designing it, if I am not designing it, I am working on creating my next Crochet eLearning course (3) or adding to my book (not called Crochet All Day as it’s for beginners, but that might change LOL) which I hope to publish as an eBook and if I am not doing that I work on my own Crochet projects – Ta Dah! Hope that helps

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