“Twitter might help!” part 2.

So I’m in Cherbourg, Northern France. I have a boat here, an old one. I’m not rich! I would like to make a living from writing, amongst other things-so I’m going walking! I have a friend about 120 miles south of here. It could be less. It could be more. I haven’t worked it out yet but he needs a bit of a hand.

France has some excellent footpaths and I intend to follow a couple of them, mostly through the countryside. I might take one along a coastal route but not for a few days yet.

The reason for the walk? I want to stop the work I always, (until now) end up doing following my trade as a cabinet maker and making furniture that in the main I have little desire to make!

People make a living travelling. I can make a living travelling-so if you feel like following this short adventure of perhaps 5 days please do follow my blog.  I’ll do my best to update it every day. This is not guaranteed because I might not find internet access.  (‘Follow’ button at top left hand side of this page).

So I tweeted yesterday asking people that if they had only three words what would the title of their first or next book be.  I’ve had four replies so far, “Fight for freedom”, “Crochet all day”, “Number one bestseller” and today’s addition, “Live life fully”.

As I said in yesterday’s blog post I have chosen as my three worder, “Twitter might help!” A weird choice, but it just came to me…and I’m gonna run with it, or in this case ‘walk with it’.

I’ve done a lot of walking. I find it very good for the soul. The body motion seems to relieve mental stress and more often than not the surroundings sooth the nerves and allow one to feel part of the universe and not apart from it.

In 2001 I was walking and hitch hiking penniless and pissed off in Switzerland. I got down on my knees and prayed for a log cabin high up in the mountains. I wanted silence, green grass, forests and meandering streams. I wanted a place to feel safe, to feel in control and to gather my thoughts. I walked to the highway, stuck out my thumb and two minutes later a car stopped. I got in. We talked. The driver, Alaine, said would I like to stay at his place and I though ‘uhho’, what have I got myself into here?!

“I have a log cabin up in the mountains, loads of green grass, beautiful forests, meandering streams and total silence. I live round the corner with my family. You can stay as long as you like. Come in the evenings and we’ll feed you well!”

Of course I said ‘Yes’!  (https://theprofessionallitterpicker.com/travel-stories/a-prayer-a-hitch-and-geneva-to-damascus-2001/)

So today I have packed my rucksack, (bought from a tip in the UK for 50p). I am sat in McDonalds with a cappuccino, free wifi, clean loos. Thanks McDonalds. I know I complain a lot about your litter but…..

I have 38.20 euros in my pocket and this time around I am asking God, the Universe, Life to please provide me with a lake, a beautiful view, two trees at least 8 foot apart, (for my hammock) and a beautiful nights sleep. I have an umbrella with me. It’s been raining most of the week but Cherbourg has an interesting tie to umbrellas…and along with an update as to whether I come across ‘said’ lake I will tell you the umbrella story too! Hoping for some followers. Hoping for some feedback. Hoping to make a living, partly out of writing. Cheers!


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