“Twitter might help!” part 6.

…So I took the two buses! Finances would have lasted because bread, fruit and veg can be found cheap enough for a few days rations but the two blisters? No, not worth it. So a few hours later I was at my mates.

We spent several hours starting to sort out a visa application for him and as reward he gave me the bus fare back to Cherbourg. Easily a fair exchange I believe! Four hours, two buses and a hundred odd miles all for the price of 4 euros 40 cents-bargain, and much easier than hitch hiking, although I did wonder who I would have met, where I would have ended up and what time/day I would have arrived back in Cherbourg!

Some previous epic hitches have included Marbella, Spain to Dorset, UK (7 days and a single 4 day lift in a VW campervan all the way from Eastern Spain to Calais!). London to Monte Carlo. (5 days, freezing cold, no money, no food!). Geneva to Damascus. (3 months, 44 lifts, 2 months work in Turkey on route).

And what of “Twitter might help!” part 7? Will there be one? Will it be a blog post or a paper book title/kindle title/ e book title?…and what of the ‘two trees 8 foot apart, beautiful lake’ vision? (“Twitter might help!” part 2). I have it in my mind’s eye. I am considering painting the scene and then either looking for it in the physical world or simply using it as an image for the cover of my upcoming bestseller!

What do I write about? Past travels, (lots of them), my healing experience in 1987, (bloody amazing), amass more travels, (not sure about that one), put down my thoughts on an emerging ‘good’ World, (gotta be worth it).

I would like to talk about ‘Missing Persons’, litter, the environment, travel, hope for a much much better World, inspiration for those with little or no hope, basically constructive explainable, believable talk to help improve life on Planet Earth now, in as safe, sensible and as quick a way as possible.

I seem to have had a ‘small’ following for the “Twitter might help!” mini road show. Will you keep following? Part 7 could be a while off, but it will happen, and if you follow this blog you’ll receive it automatically when I’ve written it. Will I walk to Morocco? Will I sail to Morocco? What will I do next? Will I maybe help clean up Mount Everest?

I have the ferry fare back to the UK, the possibility of hitching a ride back on a yacht from here, possible ‘work’, (aaaah) back in the UK…..I need to earn some money. Where will it come from?!



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