Guidance from God…

I remember one November near Luton in the UK. I was working in St.Albans installing some furniture, sleeping at night in my tent in a campsite near Dunstable. It was a cold winter. I went to bed wrapped up with two duvets and a hot water bottle, (full of hot water of course!).

Coming back at night I would have to hunt for my tent which would have collapsed if there had been heavy snow! But I loved it. Bright starry nights, quiet on the campsite, a little bit of freedom amongst my 9 to 5 working day.

I left for work one morning forgetting the roads were icy. At 30 miles an hour I hit one such patch. My car spun and I grappled with the steering wheel. No joy. I had no control and I was spinning so fast I could not make out any route forward. And then a calm voice in my head said, “Simon, let go of the steering wheel.” So I did-immediately.

I span. Bang, I hit something. Whoops, the car somersaulted. Bang, I landed upside down in a ditch, the roof supported either side. I was perfectly ok, not a scratch. There was just enough room to crawl out of the window. The car was a write off, but my Angel, God, a friendly Spirit had been right, give up the fight Simon, you’ll be ok…and I was.

I often think of that incident. The voice in my head was so clear. So why can’t I access it now, yesterday, today, continually? I probably can. I just don’t know how to listen properly.

But I did in 1987!

Racked with illness I took to my bed-for a year! It is a part of our present human nature that we often don’t ask for help until we are right on the edge. Is that because we think we can help ourselves? Is it because we feel guilty asking for help? Is it because we don’t trust anyone else but ourselves?

What have been the turning points in ‘your’ life? Are there times when you have felt an otherworldly presence? Is there one reference point that you can continually return too that convinces you you are meant to be here, at this time, this place, on Planet Earth?

The year 1987 is my reference point, although the ‘steering wheel’ incident is a pretty good reminder. If we keep returning to our reference point, can we get continual guidance from God? I reckon so. We just have to learn to listen, learn to trust, and learn to follow a feeling, a voice, an adrenalin rush from within. Who wants to hear about 1987?!


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