“I’ve got a date”! (Pallet Tour/Day 2).

DSCN2983Inspiration of the day must go to Ola Morgan from Wales who on her kickstarter campaign managed to pull it out of the bag and overnight raise the extra 5 grand she needed to make her film, “Gift of Light”, (link at bottom of blog).  Well done Ola, majestic effort.

Today has been a day of broken internet connections, stressful thinking, walks on the canal towpath…and finally a date!

I walked into the library this afternoon and on the wall was a poster for a craft fair in Warwick.  I looked up where Warwick was, 50 odd miles away, rang them up and they had one space left.  I booked it!

There’s a folk festival there as well so for a tenner I can exhibit my Pallet Prayer to quite a lot of people.  What reaction will I get?  Shall I make some business cards?  Could I possibly get my e book done by then?  Whatever.  It’s a date…and I must keep it!

With the bank balance dropping daily I answered an Ad in a flower shop for a temporary delivery driver.  It’ll have to be very temporary but that might suit them too.  I have experience delivering for my Sister’s floristry business, so there you go, fully qualified.

I entered  a competition via Dorset’s Wave radio today.  At 6pm this evening someone wins £10,000.  Now that would be great!

I’ve been meaning to rewrite the signs on my car.  They’re fading away.  With my stall coming up at the Warwick Arts and Crafts fair I need to get myself into the limelight again.  www.theprofessionallitterpicker.com is here for business.


And talking of business, a good friend of mine gave me £50 the other day-for services to the litter picking industry.  It was extremely kind of him and tomorrow I am going to dedicate a litter pick to DP, blogpost  to follow.

I met Dangerous Dave today, (I know another one of those).  He introduced himself as he sweated his way through a lock.  I gave him a hand.  Not only was he sweating, he was swearing too.  I thought canal boating was supposed to be relaxing-not for Dangerous Dave.  He was headed for London and the Thames.  He was on the Coventry Canal! He had a long way to go.  No wonder he was swearing-and sweating!  Safe trip Dangerous Dave.

Apart from ‘DD’ there was definite peace along the towpath. Benches in the shade to sit on. Tea to drink at the café, and boat names like Cat’s Whiskers, Peace, Tipsy Gipsy to break you out in a smile.

So tomorrow will be a litter pick for DP, and my thoughts will turn not to how I can survive till next Saturday’s fair, but how I can flourish until it.  I need money, a career, a reason…and I bet gently walking/easily picking and the chugging sound of canal boats will help me towards those goals.  I’ll tell you tomorrow.  Cheers.
(ps.  If I win the £10,000 I may not go for the walk)!




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