“Half a day in the life of a PLP”. (Pallet Tour/Day 3).

DSCN3005‘PLP‘, professional litter picker, as today I used the funds a friend gave me towards litter picking to get paid for half a day.

I had a cup of coffee, bought 2 bananas, filled up my water bottle and went walking along the Coventry canal. I had four hours free parking so had to be back by 1pm.

Today I had the added inspiration that I was being paid, but I still felt despondent as my bag started to fill up! Tin cans, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, empty crisp packets-the usual!

The ducks and ducklings were nice to watch, as were the swans. The chugging narrow boats relax you. The simple waves from their drivers, a nod of the head, a hello, a thanks for picking up the trash.

DSCN2998I stopped to talk to someone. We talked litter. We talked woodwork. We talked boats. Did I want some work? We’ll talk again on Monday!

I found a pink wallet with 2p in it and a photo of a baby in a white t-shirt with the words, “101 kisses” on it. (By bridge number 38). Stolen and discarded?

Probably/possibly/don’t judge!

After two hours my large bag was full and I was ready to stop…until I found a ceramic toilet bowl and a large builder’s dumpy bag. I chucked the bowl in, chucked my bag in, and dragging it along the grass towpath I carried on filling it. And just as the dumpy bag was getting too heavy to drag…I found the rusty undercarriage of a wheel barrow thrust into a hedge. I straightened out the handles, put the dumpy bag on top…and carried on. It’s as if the litter gods were providing my every need!

I reached bridge 34 where there was a canal waterways building…with a skip outside it. Canal litter/canal waterways skip? Seemed natural. In went the lot.

DSCN3006I walked up the hill. It was 11.45am and I had to get back to the car. I found a pub and phoned the taxi number on the outside wall. I was back in Atherstone for £9, breakfast and in time to drive my car away by 1pm.

Getting paid to pick up litter can work. Thanks DP. Any more offers people?

(ps. I didn’t win the £10,000!, Pallet Tour/Day 2).


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4 Responses to “Half a day in the life of a PLP”. (Pallet Tour/Day 3).

  1. David Plimmer says:

    Another great story Simon. Loved the coincidences with the dumpy bag.. and then the wheelbarrow! Well like you said, if you are working with the litter picker Fairy’s, then that explains it. I love your stories and look forward to the updates.
    Keep up the fantastic work. Dave

  2. Renee Mouritz says:

    ‘Litter gods’ – got to love them, providing them with what you need right when you need it, so you can keep on keeping on with all the good work you are doing!! They provided me with 2 more bags just as I was running out of room in the ones I had brought with me on my roadside clean up the other day! I felt like it was a ‘please don’t stop yet’ message for sure! Keep up the awesome work! Renee

    • Renee, many thanks for your comments. For those wanting to follow some amazing ‘Litter Collecting’ work have a look at Renee’s incredible efforts on face book, ‘Plastic is Forever’. Even if litter picking doesn’t interest you, look at her site just for the ‘colours’!

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