“I’ve got a room!”. Pallet Tour/Day5.

Okay, so no photographs today. Moved from my tent at the camping site…to a ‘room’ at the camp site! Two reasons for this, the first being I have found some work on a narrow boat, the second because we are forecast some pretty big downpours and thunderstorms. My tent is small, old, and ‘will’ leak!

So I moved into my new room-which comes with breakfast included. Yeeeha! Work is 10 minutes down the road, and for the first time on the ‘Pallet Tour’ I feel like I might have caught up with myself. Money is no longer draining out and I suppose there is still the chance of getting an e book done by the end of the week(!), as promised, and also there is still the chance of selling my pallet, Warwick Craft Fair stall booked for Saturday!

Not much news today. I am just happy that I might have found a little bit of control! How can I write, publish and get my e book on line by the end of the weekend? Is it a stupid idea? What will I/can I come up with?…and how will Saturday’s craft market go? I’m going to see where I can get some business cards printed up…and seriously think on this e book. I’ve got a room. I’ve got a laptop. I’ve got stuff written down…but is it interesting? Will people want to read it? Where do I start?…

I will give you some answers on Day 6 of the “Pallet Tour”…and some photographs. Cheers.

(ps. If you want to see some beautiful colours, visit Renee’s facebook page, ‘Plastic is Forever’).
(pps. If you want to see what on earth the “Pallet Tour” is about please visit):


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  1. Renee Mouritz says:

    Thank you so much Simon for directing your followers to my Facebook page – I really, really appreciate it! Thanks so much! Good luck with your e-book and the craft market too! Take care, Renee


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