“What I have learnt this week”. Pallet Tour/Day 9.

DSCN0885Potato Crisps 1 (1)1) You can find work in the strangest of places, doing the strangest of things. (This week’s example: Litter picking along a canal results in chance(?) meeting and one weeks cabinet making work on narrow boat…followed by more work next week).

2) It can pay to pick up litter.

3) I want to pick up more litter, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots more litter.

4) I want to organise a “World Litter Pickers Convention”.

5) I have ‘started’ to organise a “World Litter Pickers Convention” with its aim to help other litter pickers air their views, share their visions and stamp their mark on the World.

6) I have  e mailed someone I know about a potential venue.

7) I said I would make a film called “PLEASE” this year. A film that would highlight our World litter problem and seek out ways to solve it easily, quickly, safely and completely. Maybe we can film the convention? Job done?

8) There have got to be ways for people to earn money simply because they care about the Planet, its People, its Animals, and because they act in a manner that helps heal it.

9) I go to Warwick Arts Festival tomorrow…with a pallet to sell, that’s all, for £1,200. It might rain but the words of the Lord’s Prayer on my pallet look better when they’re wet! The grain in the oak shines like gold!

10) I may not get my proposed e book done by the end of the week…but I am going to get a good bit of writing done on Sunday…for the Pallet Tour/Day 11 post.

(Top left photograph, suit made out of discarded fishing nets and discarded plastic bottle tops, Crete, Greece. Top right photograph, suit made out of potato crisp packets, Barcelona, Spain.  Bottom photograph, Pallet Prayer, Ibiza, Spain).

Interesting quote of the day:  “If you want a Rolls Royce, start with a bicycle”.

Cheers, Simon.



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