A Magical Day. Pallet Tour/Day 11. (Part Two).


So I wonder if this person had a wonderful day? It would be great to think so. It would be great to think some kind soul came and sat down with them when they had woken up and said, “Hey, how can I help you? How can I help you so that you never get in this position again? Do you want help? Am I able to help you? Am I the right person to help you, and is it help that you need?”

Blimey, what a loaded statement that would have been for a potentially bewildered person used to hard concrete, a sometimes abusive public and a life full of heartache and stress. Would a cup of tea been enough? A sandwich? I found 53p on the ground today. Wish they had found it instead of me.

DSCN3016So with my £10 lottery win I drove to the nearest motorway service station and booked in for a 24 hour parking ticket. Why? I wanted a good internet connection. I wanted somewhere to relax. I wanted a coffee, (or two) and I wanted to achieve something today…and have I? I was after a magical day! I wanted to write!

Probably the most positive thing I have done is announce the creation of a “World Litter Pickers Convention 2013”.

As a rarely paid, (but very grateful when it happens) professional litter picker myself, I really am bored and tired at the amount of trash that litters our lands and waterways, (and outer space for goodness sake. We have tons of littered space machine material up there…and it’s all got to come down sometime!).

There are thousands of valiant Litter Pickers Worldwide, thousands with a personal mission to live a life and leave life with a far cleaner planet than when they arrived. For my part, I would love to see written on my gravestone, “He cleaned the whole place up. Good on ‘im”.

DSCN3016I picked out a couple of travel stories today: If you fancy reading them they are:

1) https://theprofessionallitterpicker.com/travel-stories/bad-dreams-machine-gun-fire-and-a-bag-of-carrots/

and 2) https://theprofessionallitterpicker.com/travel-stories/broke-bald-and-bucks-90s/

Two stories from the 90’s, one in Thailand, the other from Cyprus.

I have no fantastic ‘magical tales’ to tell of from today. I didn’t go looking for them. I wasn’t stressed to find them. I just did something I knew I could do…and that was relax at a motorway service station. I’ve had plenty of practice!

Okay, so here’s a 3rd story: https://theprofessionallitterpicker.com/travel-stories/on-yellow-ferraris-human-rights-and-londons-m25-motorway/

Wouldn’t it be magical if that anonymous doorway sleeper had a ‘magical’ day today? I hope they somehow did.

Goodnight all. Simon.



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