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To whom it may concern…

A few photographs and a few comments from the last few days. What kind of World do you wish to live in? How can you help create it? Do you believe we can create it? I walked down to the … Continue reading

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Thanks for trusting me generous Man!

As I left the campsite I was handed £40 to spend on my cause-litter picking. It was a very generous gift and it afforded me the ‘self permission’ to walk, and relax, and pick up litter for at least a … Continue reading

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A long reply to a comment made about the “Really short litter picking story”, posted August 17th.

This comment made me think, gave me a headache and as this weekend seems to be a turning point for “The Professional Litter Picker”…is it time to give it all up and just leave all the litter on the ground … Continue reading

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A really short litter picking story.

I pulled into a lay bye last night to watch the sun go down…and I found this… I bought a pair of gloves for 50 pence, put the trash in the back of my car and took it to the … Continue reading

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Where’s the buzz coming from?

There was a buzz in town last week.  In Nuneaton, Warwickshire that is.  I heard it.  I saw it.   I bought a ticket it from it. The buzz came from a group of young adults who were running a … Continue reading

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Blimey…I’m still here! Pallet Tour/Day 18.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes. New to me, from a second hand shop though. But they are in good condition. Made by Timberlands. Just the right size. £7.99…and I feel like a new man! Why didn’t I … Continue reading

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