Where’s the buzz coming from?

There was a buzz in town last week.  In Nuneaton, Warwickshire that is.  I heard it.  I saw it.   I bought a ticket it from it. The buzz came from a group of young adults who were running a raffle to raise funds for a ‘homeless’ project they were organizing.
I caught up with them again today.  These people were in ‘The Cube’, a space converted from within an old  Methodist church.  It’s their base camp.  Along with their mentors and under the umbrella of Warwickshire College ‘Princes Trust’ Team Programme they are organizing a two week community project on the subject of “Homelessness.”
The ‘Team Programme’ enables 16-25 years olds who are termed as NEET-‘not in employment, education or training’ to come together for 12 weeks and in short tries to help prepare them for their future careers and to make them more aware of the society surrounding them, and how they can be effective and useful within it.
The programme also works hard to build up strengths in the areas of teamwork/organizational skills/time management/confidence building and personal development.
The walls in ‘The Cube’, (the Team’s office and film studio), were decked out with colourful work charts, statements and schedules.  When I met up with them they were in the throws of writing up the script for a short play they are making about those that are homeless and where and how they might find appropriate help.
Part of the team were also working on next week’s public outreach event-again, organized by themselves.
So the buzz continues.  Next week, in the mornings this energetic group of people will be talking to the public and showing their video.  In the afternoons they’ll be holding workshops and acting out the play.
Brave?  Yeah, I reckon so.
So, if you’d like to catch up with the Nuneaton ‘buzz’, you will be find it coming from the following places at the following times:
Monday August 12th:  10am-12pm  The Library.
                                    2pm-4pm      Pertemps.
Tuesday August 13th:  10am-12pm  Hatters Space.
                                    2pm-4pm      The Cube.
Wednesday August 14th:  10am-12pm  Level One.
                            2pm-4pm Friendship Care Housing.
Thursday August 15th: 10am-12pm  Community Café.
                      2pm-4pm  Friendship Community Café.
For more information about how to get hold of the DVD or speak to the ‘Team’ please contact me and I’ll do my best to put you in touch with the right people.
Please help spread the buzz-A project in Nuneaton to help the Homeless.                                                                      Thank you.
(I will attend one of the days next week and report back…next week!).  Cheers, Simon.



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