To whom it may concern…

A few photographs and a few comments from the last few days.


What kind of World do you wish to live in? How can you help create it? Do you believe we can create it?

I walked down to the canal just outside Rugby and followed a small path through the undergrowth. To my left were overgrown thorn bushes, brambles and trees…and every few yards empty Strongbow cider cans. I hoiked some of them out, took some video, put it on you tube, tweeted it and sent it to the Rugby Advertiser. My litter picking has turned it’s corner-at last. I have decided to only pick up lottery scratch cards, (because there are a lot of them on the ground…and I stand a chance of winning something if cards have not been scratched!). DSCN3191I shall also pick up the plastic rings you get from 4 and 6 pack drinks cans…and anything dangerous…like the ‘saw’ I found in the undergrowth.


Until I manage to find a way of earning a living from litter picking and to being able to pay others to help too, these items are all that I am going to pick up.DSCN3201

There was quite a bit of work available in Rugby. Lots of driving jobs, warehouse work and they needed an assistant manager in this restaurant/tea house/music venue.

What a great name!

What a great name!

With a great attitude to life plus vegetarian and organic food, I am tempted to apply…

And it lies on a street that calls itself a…


Now this is a good idea,


a) to make yourself some money, and b) to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ going into landfill.

And it looks like this chap deserves a hat tip…


Back to the first photograph. How can we put ourselves in the best position to create the World we wish to live in?  Can blog writing help?

I intend on making my next blog post very different indeed.

Cheers, Simon.

Oh…and the you tube video!



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2 Responses to To whom it may concern…

  1. Erica Rose says:

    Great blogpost, Simon. I’m very curious about the next one! I love the inscription on the bench – so moving – Keith Martin Peters must have been a good chap.

  2. simon says:

    Thanks Erica. Yes, gotta think hard about the next one! Great inscription for Mr. KMP as you say, and only 50 years old when he passed on. I always try and look at inscriptions. They can be very interesting/intriguing/sad/happy etc. Hope all well with you.

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