Sometimes Big Ideas Happen.

I’ve thought about it for years. Vulnerable people temporarily housed and catered for on an Island. Why not?

If you zero in from Earth’s 36.48 billion acres of land surface to perhaps a thousand acres just North of Nador in North Eastern Morocco you will find approximately, (but each one counting) one thousand Sub-Saharan Migrants hiding and existing on the hillside there.

In a World governed by rules, regulations, competition, unemployment and suspicion, migration throws up numerous problems. In a safe, all encompassing, healthy and happy world, a thousand souls on a hillside would cause no problems. The all encompassing, healthy and happy world would welcome them, help them, allow them to integrate…because in that world there is enough of everything for everyone.

But at the moment, in the world we presently inhabit this is not the case. At the moment we have approximately one thousand lonely, frightened and desperate souls living in the woods, undocumented, not wanted and ‘causing a headache’.

Until we have created an all encompassing healthy world…we are going to have problems. The majority of these souls have fled from wars, poverty, drought and abuse. They want to be recognised, make a living, be happy and healthy and help their families.

But being undocumented, (Irregulars they are called) poses problems. No healthcare, no rights, little employment, little shelter, abuse.

In the case of the thousand North of Nador, labelled criminals because of the present lack of an immigration process in Morocco, the crackdown from the European Union on its border security has led to awful violence on the part of the Moroccan border staff and authorities.

Medicine Sans Frontiers have pulled out of this area as a protest at the appalling Human Rights abuse dealt out to the hundreds.

The Sub-Saharan Migrants method to illegally enter Europe doesn’t help, but in their desperation and penniless state it is perhaps their only way to fulfil their dream of a better life, that of the euros, work and ‘care’ they will find in Europe. Given the tens of millions of euros given by the European Union to secure the Moroccan/Melilla border, the Moroccan forces answer to the Migrants highly dangerous ‘fence’ climbing and efforts to enter Europe is to beat them relentlessly causing limb fractures, gaping wounds and even death.

Until the World finds a route through this mayhem and hopefully Morocco also implements a fair and organized immigration policy and process, the ‘funfair’ will probably continue.

So my idea. The idea I’ve had for ages. Islands. The Mediterranean has lots of them, and quite a lot of them are for sale.

What with the expanding phenomenon of crowd funding, (and please do google this word if you haven’t heard of it), projects of great wealth are starting to be able to be fulfilled.

There is a problem in Morocco. Isolating this hillside North of Nador, we have hundreds of people, hurting, tired, physically and psychologically wounded who really could do with a break. In time, Morocco with its Maghreb neighbours, Migrant’s host countries and the European Union might come up with a solution to this problem…but for the time being it is not here.

We buy an appropriate island. We set it up as a ‘temporary’ home for these people and in the meantime we work on serious proposals for all present day Migration problems. Perhaps easily said, but what is the option? On one small hillside just North of Nador, there are hundreds of people scrabbling to survive…and they are not being helped. It doesn’t look like the problem is going away. Buy an island, equip it, and bring forward all our efforts to look after the thousand, millions of desperate souls that actually we ‘can’ help.

Crowd funding. That could do it.


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  1. What a dream Simon. My heart is with you all the way.. Dave

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