Islands for sale in Europe…


On the above website there are 42 islands for sale in its Europe section. There are 17 Greek islands for sale, 7 in Ireland, 3 in both Italy and Turkey and the rest are scattered between another 8 countries including Estonia, Poland and Sweden.

The cheapest island for sale is an Irish island, 150,000 euros with an area of 4 acres. The most expensive island is quoted at 50,000,000 euros and that is 1,112 acres of a Greek Island. There are 14 islands with a ‘price on request’ tag.

The closest island to Nador in Morocco is a Portuguese one, Mouchao de Alhandra. It’s 6 kilometres from Lisbon and has 840 acres of land with much of it used for agriculture and cattle exploration. (Instant work). The island is priced at just over 25,000,000 euros.

The Polish island is 21 acres used as a campsite. The Danish ‘King’s Island’ is priced at 10,000,000 euros and houses a fortress with 200 rooms. It is the largest artificial island not connected to land in the world. It is 17 acres in area and also has a helipad.

The Greek Isle of Gaia is quoted as ‘the perfect millionaires playground’. It’s in the Ionian Sea, is 43 acres and has a price tag of £3,000,000. Another Greek island, Kato Antikeri has 2 wells, electricity, a solar energy system and telephone lines. It’s in the Aegean Sea, comprises 272 acres and has a ‘price on request’ tag.

Wildly ambitious idea I know but just wanted to make the possibility of a European island purchase a reality. There are people suffering on a hill near Nador. There is no adequate immigration policy to help these people. People are getting hurt ‘now.’ Maybe we can relieve the problem? More to come. Cheers, Simon.


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