#dorsetlaybyelitterpick Number 5, Bulbarrow Hill.

Blimey, I haven’t posted on my blog for so long that I’ve almost forgotten how to do it…but now the #dorsetlaybyelitterpick is gaining momentum I hope to be regularly posting again.

Pick number 5 was a relatively small lay-bye at the top of the glorious Bulbarrow Hill. The hill stands 274 metres high and offers fantastic views of Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon. When the wind is still it is possible to feel totally at peace here.

I would put this event down as a ‘damn good one’. Two friends and I spent an industrious half hour collecting the shown pile. We gazed at the views, talked our talk, drank a coffee/lucozade and ate a hot cross bun or two. It was a damn fine time.


There was a long queue at the tip but I was happy to wait my turn and I got back home 4 hours after having left. My friends went on to do two more lay-byes! I think it did them a lot of good.

So the #dorsetlaybyelitterpick is gaining a character! I take chairs and a table, drinks to drink, food to eat. I take a container of water, some hand wash and a towel. I take a rake, a litter picker or two, containers for trash, traffic cones for safety…and my business cards…and I managed to give one out to someone who showed an interest in our work. Maybe she’ll join us for a lay-bye pick or two?

Not many photographs I know, but I’m tired of colourful litter photos. It’s refreshing to post some-litter free!


I’m rather looking forward to #dorsetlaybyelitterpick number 6. It’s a lay-bye I have shown attention too before, but this time I am going to go to town on it. People are going to know it’s been picked…and maybe after that more people might like to join in.


Litter picking can be rewarding and fun.

I see the whole of the UK being cleaned. Are you able to help us? Drop us a line. Thanks!…and as for lay-bye number 6, it’s gonna be a good photograph I hope!



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2 Responses to #dorsetlaybyelitterpick Number 5, Bulbarrow Hill.

  1. Erica says:

    How nice to see the young plants coming through clean soil – thanks to you and friends, Simon. So now it’s not just the panoramic shots that are beautiful, but the close-ups too! :o)

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