Great, people are coming forward, (or rather, great people are coming forward)!

Last Sunday was #dorsetlaybyelitterpick number 7. I am using the hashtag symbol (#) because I am using twitter as one way to publicise the project. For those who are not familiar with twitter’s workings, if you hashtag something it’s similar to a google search on the internet. If you search #dorsetlaybyelitterpick on twitter, you’ll get all my posts! (End of this week’s lesson)!

Myself and two trusty and hardworking partners cleared one of the lay-byes on the Blandford bypass. The most satisfying part of the day has been the ability to post the photograph shown below. Who needs to post photos of trash when you get one of ‘no’ trash, greenery, and a clean lay-bye? Thanks partners.


The ‘clean’ was thorough, the recycling was efficient and the roadside cup of coffee and delicious cake afterwards were greatly appreciated. (We even had a smart table cloth this time). I look forward to the next event.

And this looks like happening on Saturday 5th April at the large lay-bye on the A30, Westbound, a mile or so before the Henstridge crossroads. Okay, so it could just be in Somerset and not Dorset, but it’s local, a constant litter eyesore and has plenty of space to ensure safety…and plenty of room for table and chairs for post clean up chat and refreshments.

The article in the Blackmore Vale Magazine has produced some ‘gems’. I am presently restoring a 4’ by 3’ trailer given to me by one reader, have had an exciting meeting with a film maker, and have had an extra eight or so e mails with offers of help, encouragement and interest. Very good.

So for those who would be interested to come along on the 5th, please do get in touch and I can send you proper directions/times etc.

The generous film maker from Dorset has offered his services, for the moment, for free. He very much intends to be there for the ‘pick’, so anyone who would like a chance to potentially have input, please do come along. For those who would like to come but would not like to be on film, no problem, you will not be filmed.

I am going to make #dorsetlaybyelitterpick number 8 relatively low key. We’ll meet any new comers, have a good ‘pick’, allow the film maker to do his work and then have a get together at the end to see how we all felt about it. With safety and efficiency in mind I look forward to ‘number 8’.

Any interest, please get in touch. Many thanks, Simon.


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2 Responses to Great, people are coming forward, (or rather, great people are coming forward)!

  1. Erica says:

    What a brilliant project, Simon – very well done to all of you! The redeemed lay-by looks very happy with its new state. Good luck with developing this.

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