Video, video, video!

At long last I have managed to work out how to edit a video on the Planet’s easiest video format!  And here it is…

…and they will get a lot better!

More to come soon, Simon.

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6 Responses to Video, video, video!

  1. Love the video, Simon! What did you use to make it with? AMAZING amount of crap in that lay-by, too. You’re a hero :o)

    • Hi Erica, many thanks for the comment, (no hero though!). I used a 5 year old basic samsung camcorder and finally managed to work ‘windows live movie maker’ to edit the footage. I’m a total beginner at it but am looking forward to making lots more! (ps. Can you please tell me if you receive this reply-as I’m not sure if this widget is working! Thanks!).

  2. M-A says:

    Brilliant Simon…some great ideas , love the introduction and the credits, great impact to leave it on view before actually bagging it up….hope plenty of people noticed as they drove past….xxx Catch up soon MA xx

  3. Lilian Modlock says:

    Well done once again Simon! Hope lots of people get to see this and take note.

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