Signs of our times.

It’s Earth Day today.  Once a year millions of people come together to show their respect and concern for the Planet we live on.  We are getting more concerned I am convinced.

As a sign of our times I enclose several signs…that seem to be attracting ‘good’ attention. I’ve had three ‘spot the sign’ competitions on Twitter.  A man from Henstridge was the first winner, and a lady from Dorchester was the second…and the third winner!  Perhaps the £10 winning prize does not draw too much interest, but there were a flurry of ‘tweets’ on Sunday’s comp-so maybe the next one will be even more busy.

(Maybe somebody might be interested to invest in a bigger value prize in return for a little promoting?!).



DSCN3924DSCN3927So I really think there is a chance of earning some money through the Internet.  If I can earn money through my videos then I can start paying myself and my helpers to pick up litter.  It also means I don’t have to ask business’ or individuals to support me financially.

If a lot of people start watching your videos on You Tube, you tube will contact you and ask if you want to ‘monetize’ your work. If you do, they will then send targeted adverts which are shown at the beginning of your videos.  It’s definitely worth a try, and something I’ve been thinking of doing for months, (years!).

So, along with the A35 video, here is the next one, short, and to the point.  If I can come up with funny, entertaining, informative, exciting, dangerous, absurd…or maybe even inspiring videos…I could just start to make money out of trash…and uniquely pay a whole lot of people to help me help clean up the Planet.


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