Please God…

DSCN3965Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone was killed or even injured whilst picking up litter? These Highway Agency guys were clearing a stretch of the A31 in Dorset today.  Trash is thrown out of cars.  It’s unsightly.  It harms wildlife.  It harms animals.  It’s picked up, by humans, with 50 mile an hour traffic buzzing by them.  Please God, don’t let anyone get injured picking up litter.

Yesterday was a big day for me.  The Big Issue published one of my articles, a short one, but a good one!  It’s just sinking in.  I can barely believe it.  I have tried for so long!  If you want to read it it’s in the April 28th-May4th magazine, edition 1100, right hand side of page eleven…to be exact!


As I was driving along the A350, Poole/Blandford road today I dropped in to the infamous ‘litter lay-by’.  Yes, some people do actually call it that!  This place is atrocious.  Neither the council nor the farmer have been able to address the problem.  Speaking with the burger van man he pointed me to another hotspot.  I’m not going to show you the photograph I took as it’ll spoil the above colours.  Such to say though that I have named this lay-by as the #dorsetlaybyelitterpick’s next project.


Ideally it will need the cooperation of the council, the farmer who owns the land, a television crew, several large lorries, specialist equipment, health and safety management, traffic management, lay-by closure…and one hell of a lot of energy, enthusiasm and good organisation.  It won’t happen overnight because this is a big job…and if money needs to be found to complete if efficiently and exceptionally well…I’ll find it.  I promise.




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