Slacking…but still active.

Write a book he says.  It’ll pay for my litter picking business he says. Yeah, right!  So to kick start my literary career I thought I’d just start telling some stories, (true stories) on ‘you tube’…and here’s the first one.  If you are interested in travel, and mini miracles, you might enjoy it (?).  It’s only six minutes and fifty one seconds long.

(ps. And I litter picked two small lay-byes this morning…and am having a site meeting at the Sturminster Marshall ‘Canteen’ lay by tomorrow night.  So it’s not all slacking!).





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4 Responses to Slacking…but still active.

  1. plimmerd says:

    Ahh Simon.. brilliant and loved the ending. I will be looking forward to more armchair stories. dp

  2. Lilian says:

    A real Road to Damascus experience Simon. There is definitely a great travel book in you – please get writing.

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