No Ecover Work!

Apologies, I have been meaning to update the possible Ecover connection for ages.  I thought I was the man for the job!  Passionate litter picker, eager to clean beaches, eager to use the waste plastic in a positive way.  But for some reason, even after some good work on my part I believe, we just didn’t gel.

It might be that Ecover can do some good work with Surfers Against Sewage, the Marine Conservation Society and Waste Busters…but I’m not convinced.  They have had meetings and conversations.

The partnership between Marine Litter Charities and Ecover seemed a sinch, but something isn’t quite right.  I expect we will hear why in the coming months.  I will keep you informed of any progress in Ecover’s Ocean Bottle Project.  Cheers for now, Simon.

(ps. I now have a unit on Portland Bill where I am starting to  store plastic collected off Chesil Bank.  The unit has been given to me rent free for 6 months).


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4 Responses to No Ecover Work!

  1. plimmerd says:

    Hi Si.. Sorry to Ecover have gone quite. Lets hope they see the amazing work you are doing and find it in their hearts and pockets to support the great work you do. Speak soon my friend. dp

  2. Gillian says:

    Thanks Simon. Sorry this promising collaboration seems to be stalling. Even more sorry about the sciatica! No fun, I imagine – is it all the bending over to pick up litter? Should you sue the multi-national fast food lot? There have been several items on debris, litter, countryside in Country Life over the past couple of weeks – feeble, but at least acknowledging we have a massive problem. I have urged Zac Goldsmith MP to persuade the National Maritime Museum to have a big exhibition about the seas and all the detritus in them, caused by tourism, naval warfare, commercial activities over the past century and more; he said he would try… (related to the marine conservation zones aspect). Also I feel that the awful “Visit Britain” organisation should spend its recently allocated £several million, not on expensive trashy PR, press releases, marketing men, but on paying to clear up the countryside first. Why urge more overseas visitors, if all you can offer is honey-pot sites (Stonehenge, Corfe Castle, wherever) full of litter – and all the roads leading there equally brimming with plastic junk. I must try to contact them. Irritated of Raspberry Lane. Gillian

    Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 10:21:18 +0000 To:

  3. Thanks Gillian. Am e mailing you. Looks like Ecover and Surfers Against Sewage might be doing something together. Fingers crossed.

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