Walking with sciatica, (in no more than 500 words)-part 2.

I guess there is no right or wrong time to do some writing?  I walked for three hours this morning.  I walked down Milton Abbas high street, white thatched cottages lined both sides.

The sun was shining at nine o’clock but it was cold.  I walked into the post office.  They didn’t sell cups off hot coffee.  Surprise!  But they did have a roasting wood burner behind the counter.

I walked onto Milborne St.Andrew picking up a spent helium balloon en route and placing it in the nearest bin.  All the hedgerows have had their spring short back and sides.  The farmers are out in their tractors, spraying, rolling, turning and planting.

I walked past the Milborne St Andrew post office.  You can still buy sweets out of the jar there and come away with the goodies in a paper bag.  I walked up the main road towards Blandford Forum and glanced at one of my favourite bench plaques.  (I have a twitter account for them @Goodbenchmarks).  In memory of a lady who passed in her seventies, the quote simply says:  “Ah, Home at Last”.

I walked up to the roadside burger bar I knew would be open.  I bought a cup of coffee and an egg and mushroom butty.  The owner offered me a good ditty the other day when talking about keeping hold of customers, “You’ve got one chance to make a good impression, otherwise, you’ve lost them”.  How true.

I walked the edge of a busy road until I found the footpath trail again 20 minutes later.  That’s one of the things I need to take with me on my walks, common sense.  I left it behind in those 20 minutes.  It won’t happen again.  Along with common sense I must remember to take a cup for buying coffees, small pair of binoculars for spotting footpath signs, bright safety clothing, large bottle of water, food….

I got a reply from the Telegraph.  No they wouldn’t be able to look for my fifteen year old £25 prize.  I think that means I will enter again.  Midnight tonight is the closing date for this weekend’s competition.  I will enter it.  Look out for my name if I win.  It’ll be about walking!

Cheers, Simon.

(382 words).


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