Walking with sciatica, (in no more than 500 words)-part 5.

-I passed Chesil Cove at the Eastern end of Chesil Beach today.  There’s always plastic there.  A team of people could walk up and down the 18 mile pebble UNESCO World Heritage Site every day until the problem gets solved, just picking up plastic bottles and fishing wire.

-I have been given an 1100 ft sq unit on Portland Bill to store plastic picked from the beaches.  I have the unit for six months, for free, because the roof leaks-but the stored plastic doesn’t mind.

-Due to the slump in oil prices and the Supermarket price war, a company in Dagenham called Closed Loop Recycling is close to going into administration.  Closed Loop Recycling produce more than 80% of the recycled plastic used in the UK’s milk bottles.


-They are Government backed.  They need more money,  otherwise the initiative will fail.

-I failed in my litter Crowdfunding project in August 2013.


-How many tons of trash did Surfers Against Sewage volunteers clear off the beaches last weekend?  25 was it?

-How many clean up events are we having this year, local, national and international?  Google them, loads.

-How many people want to live in a clean World?  Loads.

-Look at http://plasticbank.org/ in Canada, making plastic too valuable to waste, employing the poorest, cleaning the streets, supplying industry-with SOCIAL PLASTIC.

-The World still wants PROFITS.  The World still COMPETES.  The World gets DIRTIER.

-Will the Government be able to save http://www.closedlooprecycling.co.uk/ ?

-IS IT POSSIBLE TO TURN CLOSED LOOP RECYCLING INTO A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE? -where people still get paid, where profits are just for progress, where private investors invest because they want to leave a legacy, a legacy of a CLEAN WORLD.

-We have thousands of unemployed.  We have tons of plastic littering our parks, roads, rivers, oceans and streets…but we still talk about competition.  We still talk about profits.

-Us Human beings are so damn dynamic…that with the will we can create anything.  Put our minds to a project…and we can come up trumps.

-Could we save ‘Closed Loop Recycling’ and ask those involved if they would be willing to help us clean up the UK at the same time-Invest in Goodness?

Mr.Branson, back in the 1980’s you put yourself forward as litter Zaar!  Can you help us make it true?  I don’t mean ‘give us your money’, I mean can you help us form a focus for making it happen?

-If I become a cadrillionaire I’d spend the majority of my money on helping Clean up the World.

-I walked along a back road today.  I didn’t have my litter picker with me, and I’ve got back ache.  I picked up ten empty drinks cans and stuck them visibly in the hedgerow for all to see.  I’m sick of it.  Are you?!

-Oh, and here’s the video I spoke about yesterday:


-It’s got nothing to do with litter.

(494 words).



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1 Response to Walking with sciatica, (in no more than 500 words)-part 5.

  1. thecrapfairy says:

    Simon, you are a litter hero and I SO agree with everything you say. There are lots of us who do. But somehow the profit-sharks just keep going, crushing everything precious and fragile in their path. It’s hard not to despair, and the only thing that really helps, I find, is knowing that there are people out there like you.

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