Walking with sciatica, (in around 500 words and a photograph)-part 9

Turning on my computer this morning Twitter reveals a quote:

“Remember this day is unique, you’ll never live it again.  Make the most of it”.

Okay, this can be said of every day, but how often do we take note of it and what would we do with it anyway?

This is the first morning for weeks that I haven’t felt the need to get up and walk the sciatica pains off!  They’re there, but although the walking helps hugely I am not moving forwards income wise and I’ve been meaning to set out one way that income could start to be generated.

I really can see my beach litter project working.  I just have to find the funding to make it easier.  There are plenty of websites out there that advertise other people’s wares and business’, and are then able to function themselves through that advertising revenue.

I have my litter picker.  I have the beach, Chesil Beach 18 miles long and apparently 180 billion pebbles thick…and I have the litter, plenty of it.  I have a website and I have a small but continual readership.  I also see quite a bit of action on Twitter.

My plan is to clean Chesil Beach over the next five months, not necessarily every day but to be a continual presence there and to make that presence both felt and positive.

So if I can get some good work done, (and I will), surely my website, my cleaning and my presence could be a magnet for other’s opportunity.  It’s not difficult to get press coverage for litter picking, and Chesil Beach being a World heritage site ought to add clout to the whole project.

Portland Bill, adjoining Chesil Beach attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually; similarly Chesil is an all year round tourist spot.

So I’m reckoning to wander the streets and pathways of Portland, talk to business’ and people and see if they would be interested to advertise through my website.

I figured perhaps £50 for a photo and explanation of business put on my advertisers page for the 5 month period.

I figured £100 for a photo and an interview with the business, a write up on my website and also printed out and framed-and sent on to you for keeps.

I figured a one off starter package for £2000.  Headline advert on my website including photograph, interview and mentions all through the project.  I can also plant your logo on my jacket and work material.

The Dorset Echo newspaper ran an article re my search for a storage unit-which I now have.  I found the unit myself but their newspaper article came in handy for back up as I was able to show it to people on that search.  Perhaps the Echo will help me again and spread the word for my advertiser search.  I’ll contact them today.

I’ll open an advertiser section on my website, get talking to more people and I’m looking forward to my next clean up on the beach.  I have a great idea of what to do, and it will hopefully attract some positive attention from it.

There’s litter all around our country, all around our World, so in theory my ‘Advertisers’ could also come from anywhere in this Country to anywhere in this World.  Are you interested to talk about it?!

I really didn’t expect to get this done today, this morning, but thanks to the quote at the start I can now go out walking with a bit of a lighter step.

Next blog post will be number 10.  From then on I might do things differently.  I can feel a book coming on with lots of short stories of 500 words or less, (but I’ve been saying that for years).  Maybe I’ll have to read that quote every morning!

“This day is unique, you’ll never live it again.  Make the most of it”.

(666 words-whoops!).



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