Walking with sciatica, (in no more than 500 words)-part 14.

Saturday 18th April

Turn South off High West Street opposite the Corn Exchange in Dorchester, Dorset in the United Kingdom and you walk down Cornhill onto New Street.

A three minute walk of 320 metres for a period of two and a half hours covers a distance of approximately 9 miles, but I walked very slowly so I expect I made six miles at the most.

Past a Big Issue seller, two buskers, the Green Party stand, a UKIP stand, a man selling the Socialist Worker, various market stalls and past hundreds, (into the thousands) of shoppers.

My placard said this…on both sides.


Sunday 19th April…hundreds reported drowned in Mediterranean sinking.

Monday 20th April…more people reported drowned in Mediterranean.

If you think the work of MOAS can help save lives in the Mediterranean perhaps you might like to share their website.

Many thanks if you do, and many thanks for reading this far even if you don’t.



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