Walking with sciatica, part 15, end of!

A short update for those who might be interested! The sciatica is disappearing. It’s taken a while and will take a bit longer to fully heal, but suffice to say part 15 is the end of the road as far as walking with sciatica goes!

I have started walking Dorset’s Jubilee Trail, a ninety mile set of footpaths stretching from one side of Dorset to the other. There is no time limit.  I will do it in as many stages as need be. Last Tuesday I walked from Upwey to Winterborne Came, four and a half miles.

I was all set to do another six miles today-but I’ve left my map behind! That’s not like me.

I think it’s time to get off the sick list and open myself up for work again. I’ve got a couple of ‘pallet’ coffee tables for sale on e bay…but what I really want to do is get paid to write. I know I’ve said it before…but this time it’s going to happen!

I can feel a trip to France coming on. I’m sure I can bring something to the table with regards to helping heal the Migrant situation in Europe. I believe God knows all the answers. I’ve got some listening to do-seriously.



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