Seven 2 minute ‘rainbow’ beach cleans at Chesil Cove.






“The 2 minute beach clean is an idea that belongs to everyone”.  So says Martin Dorey, the founder of the 2 minute beach clean.  It says all you need to know about this man and his campaign on The Beach Clean Network website.  Here’s the link:

Two minutes of beach cleaning can make a difference and Martin is determined to keep doing his multiple two minutes worth until our beaches are clean.  Good on ya Martin.




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2 Responses to Seven 2 minute ‘rainbow’ beach cleans at Chesil Cove.

  1. Renee Mouritz says:

    I love colour grouped rubbish. There is something so much more aesthetically pleasing when it is organised that way! They are great photos too by the way. Love your work!! 🙂

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