Reverse Crowdfunding.

For those of you who are not sure of what Crowdfunding is it’s a method of raising funds on the internet for projects you otherwise cannot find the money for yourself.

You write up your project, tell everyone how much you want and then offer ‘rewards’ for the various amounts of pledges people might want to give you to help you complete your project. Popular crowdfunding sites are, but there are over 500 different sites to choose from!

The crowdfunding phenomena began in around 2006 and has grown to an industry boasting yearly figures of over $5 billion raising cash for thousands of projects worldwide.

Rather than asking for money for a project and then give rewards when that project is hopefully completed I am going to turn things around and offer my short e book for sale and hope that I can turn those sales into the cash I’d like to take on my project.

PROJECT: I would like to spend a month in Calais, France seeing what I can do to try and help the desperate Migrant situation we see in Europe. At the same time I would like to see if I can help start clean up the mountains of plastic that lie on Europe’s beaches.

I am wondering if somehow I can combine the two. But first I have to see if any of the Migrant Population would be interested to spend perhaps one or two years being involved in such a scheme.  I visted Calais several times last year and on one occasion employed a guy from Sudan to help me clean trash off  the beach for an hour.  He enjoyed it.  He welcomed the money.  He even kept my litter picker!

On one level it seems a simple solution. Our beaches need serious cleaning. The Migrant Population need serious help.

With the help and cooperation of NGO’s, Governments and members of the public I would like to make a feasibility study/survey of this potential project.

I know logistically it could be huge. I know practically it is potentially huge. I know potentially it will not be easy. But I think it is worth trying and investigating.

The politicians seem to have no answers, and the desperation in Calais, within the Migrant Population and within the local Calais population continues to increase.

So, I have written a short kindle book. It’s fifteen pages long, around 4,500 words. It is the tale of my hitch hiking journey from Geneva to Damascus in 2001 and is called “Stressful Travels!” Forty four lifts, three buses, hungry, tired, lost, penniless-a magical journey it was.

If I can sell about 25,000 copies-I can fund my month long trip to Calais.  (I only receive a small percentage of the purchase price!)

If you would like to buy the book (it costs 0.99p) you can click on the link below-Many thanks. And if you like the book and like the idea of my project I would appreciate it if you could share this page. Thank you again.


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  1. cloudytype says:

    Hi Simon, I like your plan! I just read your story too. Great stuff. All the best for your project.
    Martha 🙂

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