Sell me an island please says Egyptian Billionaire.

Have you seen this video yet?  Egyptian Billionaire Naguib Sawiris asks Greece or Italy to sell him an Island so that he can help the Refugee Situation we are witnessing right now.

I sent him an e mail because I’ve been talking about this for a while…

Dear Naguib Sawiris,

I hope you are very well.  Congratulations on putting forward this idea.  I believe it is a very brave thing to suggest and to put to the World at this time.
I myself have been talking about the idea for several years as well.  If I had the money I would have bought some Islands already!
My idea was/is to work with Organisations, NGO’s, Governments and Charities who already have the expertise to set up ‘temporary’ survival situations on Islands that could support such projects.
In the meantime though Naguib Sawiris I wonder if you would consider working with the relevant people to radically improve the present Refugee route from Syria through Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and on up to Calais in France and beyond up to Sweden and Norway?  (Obviously not forgetting the other Refugee routes across the Middle East and also from North Africa).
I am in Calais at the moment visiting some of the Syrian Refugees here.
If you were willing, and thought it a good idea, money could hugely improve this route (these routes) using the many charities and organisations that already are trying their best, Medicines Sans Frontieres, Save the Children, the UNHCR, Doctors of the World, the Red Cross and many others.
Working with the leaders in their fields we could hugely improve the reception centres, accommodation areas, food/water and sanitation situations.
If these places were made more welcoming and efficient not only would people feel less scared and isolated, they may well feel safer and able to stay in these areas for longer periods of time until better methods for dealing with their situations could be found.
All the best with your venture.  Done well it could make a huge difference to many many people.
If I can be of any use please do contact me.  I am a 52 year old woodworker from the United Kingdom and I believe I am good at organising things.
Yours sincerely, Simon Owens.

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2 Responses to Sell me an island please says Egyptian Billionaire.

  1. mary-ann says:

    So well written Simon, says a great deal and endorsing all that Naquib Sawiris seems keen to achieve plus a lot more….I pray he will read your e mail and give it some serious thought… many other people have to come into such decisions I presume but it is open and honest and surely worth very serious consideration…. God bless and keep safe M-A x

  2. Renee Mouritz says:

    Thank you so much for taking the initiative to write to Naquib Sawiris with your thoughts and ideas. Sometimes all it takes for an idea to be planted in the right person’s mind and the world can be changed. I am hoping and praying for all those people on the move across the world that are feeling vulnerable, scared and unsure of what the future holds for them. I appreciate your passion for helping to make our world a better place!!

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