Focus on Failure!

Ranting and raving in my head the other day about one’s failures, like a light bulb moment a sort of clear command came through-focus on that failure!

And it seems to be helping! If all you do is fail in life, and you manage to accept those failures, and you ask to start succeeding, with any good fortune the only way is up!

I arrived in Cherbourg yesterday. I started off from Marnhull, Dorset on my £23 e bay bike and my small amount of gear strapped to a kiddies trailer I am towing behind. (I took the hood off so it looks like a proper trailer and not that I am towing two small children behind me!).

I cycled the North Dorset Trailway from Sturminster Newton to Blandford, (9 miles and very pleasant), camped for £5 a night in Keynston Crawford, cycled the back roads to Wimborne and took the Castleman Trail from there onto Poole.

A few facts: Poole harbour is the largest natural harbour in Britain. It is a special protected area for birds. It has been a port since Roman times. It played its part in the preparation for D-Day. Up to 20,000 wildfowl and wading birds at a time can be found here in winter. Why? One reason is that it has incredible mud, rich in invertebrates, perfect food for wading birds.

The highlights of the cycle so far. The bridge at Sturminster Marshall, and on the Castleman Trail I saw many kids returning home from school. They were walking the trail, beech trees flanking them, winter leaves on the floor, and they were TALKING to each other-no mobile phones to be seen!  I also saw an amusing footpath sign!



Numerous visits to Cherbourg over the past few years and I still see many of the same homeless people. There’s a beautiful girl who always sits outside the cinema. She reads a lot, writes a lot, and usually has a couple of beautiful black haired Labradors with her. Her dark eyes and her dark hair are a perfect match to her pavement partners.

I visited the police station to see if I could claim back the 500 euro gold bracelet I found on the pavement two years ago. They liked the story but they said no, sorry, it belongs to the state now! (I think the only way I would have considered cashing it in was if I was to use it to pay off some debts and buy a ticket to the Greek island of Lesbos).

A furious flurry on face book yesterday made clearer the terrible, (catastrophic was the word most used) Refugee situation on this small Greek Island. Do google it yourself if you are unaware.

Hundreds, even thousands of Afghans, Syrians and other Nationals are arriving by boat every day, and every night.

One group amongst the volunteers and organisations doing their best to help over there is a team from Ireland called Disaster Tech Lab.

They install internet access, wifi and communication services in disaster areas-such as the island of Lesbos. They seem to be doing an excellent and worthwhile job.

Man this world’s in trouble. But we can fix it. Put your failures behind you, ask for guidance, and put your wavering step forward. It’s the only way. Isn’t it?

(ps. Thanks McDonalds-for your excellent wifi, coffee and clean toilets. I shall be back to write more later).

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