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Fly tipping, Wheelchairs and The Port of Piraeus.

Flytipping, fly tipping, fly-tipping, different ways of spelling the same old nuisance. This nuisance, ‘time-and-money waster,’ appeared overnight a couple of days ago. It sparked off a request for a miracle to occur. Odd! “Simon, nothing is sensible where I … Continue reading

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“Litter Karma”, another viral video attempt!

Got to keep trying.  There’s money to be made in them there virals!

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“Are You On The Verge?”

In my last post, before Christmas, 2015, I said I might not say much in 2016!? I feel I am revving up to say something-but in the meantime here is my latest short film…(I’m working on the next one as … Continue reading

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