Just an update from the last post.  I failed to get any wheel chairs to Piraeus.  Nice idea, and I did try, but I didn’t succeed.

On another note, and on the subject of cleaning beaches, employing ‘Refugees’, and also attempting to get a much better deal for genuine ‘Refugees’ stuck in Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, I booked a cheap ticket to Izmir in Turkey last week.  (£75 seven day return).

I can clean a few Turkish beaches.  (Done that before).  I can talk with some of the Refugees there.  (Done that before but not in Turkey).  I can see if any of them are interested in a potential project to clean any of Turkey/Greece’s beaches-in return for payment and much better living conditions-and in turn help clean up the Mediterranean of plastic and trash.  Win/Win?

Refugees in Calais like the idea.  I paid ‘one’ guy to help me clean there.  One hours work.  20 euros pay.

Will update.  All the best, Simon.


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