I can win this!

A friend of mine told me about Richard Branson and Virgin Media’s competition called VOOM.  I just put my pitch in to compete for a large prize fund and additional excellent mentoring.  I now have two weeks, until May 23rd ,to get as many votes as possible so that I can move forward to the next round.  Only the top 160 most voted for pitches will be going through.

Beach Cleaning Business.  What do you think?  I’ve been banging on about it for years! This could be one way of making a difference.  Will update blog post middle of the week. Thank you for voting and sharing if you decide to do so, Simon.

nb.  (A few people have found it difficult to vote.  You need to press the Vote icon with the red background.  You will then be asked to sign in with either your LinkedIn or Facebook account to complete the process.  If you find it all too complicated, slow and annoying, please don’t worry!  I’d rather you not have the hassle of trying!  If you do get there you can only vote once for a single pitch but you can vote for as many other pitches as you want to).



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  1. G M Lewis says:

    This is so worthwhile. It is one key action towards a sustainable future. Please vote for it!

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