#VOOM2016 Update.

Hi, as of this moment I have 26 votes on my pitch.  I am coming 428th in the voting hierachy.  The leader, an embalming undertaker from Ireland has over 4,000 votes.  This man plans to build a glamping business which includes accommodation in a BOEING 767 amongst other transport regalia. I voted for him because his pitch made me both smile and laugh.

We all have until midnight on Monday 23rd to get in the top 80 most voted for start-up business’.  I have a way to go!

I am busy organising a week of publicity, starting on Monday 16th, ending Saturday 21st May.

Monday will be an 8 hour hitchike session from Clackets Lane Service station (Eastbound) on London’s M25 motorway.  I will have a big sign with me asking for lifts in only Yellow Ferraris.  (I’ve done this one before.  See photo below).


I may wear a suit though this time.

Tuesday will be an 8 hour litter pick for discarded ‘plastic bottles only’ on Kimmeridge Bay beach and surroundings.  Wednesday and Thursday will be 8 hour litter picks for the same but on Porlock Beach, Somerset.  Friday will be an 8 hour pick on Chesil Beach.

Saturday will be back up to the M25 for another try for Yellow Ferraris.  The last time I did this stunt, (90 hours in total) I got offered a lift in a Beige Maserati-but sadly declined the lift. Why? Well it wasn’t a Yellow Ferrari was it.

To vote for my pitch, annoyingly it can only be done if you have a facebook or linkedin account.  Otherwise, many thanks for the thought.  Thoughts count too!

Will update.  All the best, Simon.



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