I don’t know…

Thank you to those that voted for my pitch in Richard Branson’s #VOOM2016 competition…and thank you also to those that wanted to vote but didn’t want to create either a facebook or linkedin account to be able to do so. I don’t blame you!

I didn’t get through to the next round. Although making the sort of laudable claim that I could win the competition I suppose it’s not surprising I only managed to find myself in about 500th position out of about 2000 entrants.

The 80 highest voted for pitches in the ‘business start up section’ now get to run the rest of the course until whittled down to a final 6 contestants that pitch to RB and his gang in the ‘pitch to rich’ finale.

Although going no further in this part of the competition I had a funny feeling that I would somehow be given another chance. I received an e mail from VOOM this morning, and I wasn’t surprised to read that they are offering an extra opportunity to all that failed to get through to the next round.

From June 3rd to June 24th each of us ‘failures’ have the opportunity to go for “The People’s Choice Award”. For those that wish to enter, the voting starts again from zero. The highest voted for project by the 24th June receives £10,000 to put towards their business idea. Shall I do it? I don’t know.

The week’s publicity I arranged for the competition didn’t go as planned. I did the Yellow Ferrari hitchike. Didn’t get a lift-No Yellow Ferraris passed me. Kimmeridge Bay was as clean as a whistle. I collected a carrier bags worth of plastic bottles. Chesil Beach was the same, very little litter-for once.

I cancelled my two day planned pick at Porlock in Somerset and instead went back to work and finished off my Folks pergola. I didn’t do Chesil on the Friday-because of the lack of litter. I cancelled the second Yellow Ferrari hitch. It didn’t seem worth it. (It’s time to stop hitch hiking for Yellow Ferraris).


At Kimmeridge Bay there is a stone bench dedicated to a man called Bill. He was a surfer, and the letters inscribed on the front of the bench read “No Smoking- Enjoy-No Litter“. Sounds like a good bloke was Bill.





“The #VOOM2016 People’s Choice Award“. Shall I have a go? I don’t know.




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2 Responses to I don’t know…

  1. Ian Lilley says:

    Hi PLP,
    My opinion is only you can decide to continue or not, on one side you’ll have the never give up British bulldog campaign V throw the towel in brigade. I have on many occasions hung onto a business idea/concept too long rather than accept its not happening, ditch it and move on. Be realistic, by the fact you’re asking i think you have reservations and are hangin on.

    Of course
    Good luck

  2. Andy Darby says:

    Simon – don’t give up. If this is what you want go for it. From what you said it seems that this is a business oriented competition so maybe you have to look elsewhere, also try red Micras next time – it will be easier.

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