Richard Branson’s #VOOM “People’s Choice Award”.

A quick post for the moment.

Voting opens again today, facebook and linkedin accounts needed though if you wish to vote!  No other way to do it!

I have discovered this site,  A young man, Dave Hakkens from the Netherlands has designed simple, inexpensive machines to shred beach plastic!  At last, I have been looking for something like this for years!

With the £10,000 “People’s Choice Award” prize I could set up my own ‘small’ beach plastic recycling plant in weeks!

Just got to find quite a few thousand votes to do so!  I have until June 24th to get more votes than anyone else!  Here we go!  Where will the journey take me?

Please revote below if you wish too.  Voting starts from zero again-today.

(ps. Will update with what I term as a ‘classic’ publicity photo tonight.  I think it’s good anyway!).


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