Following on…

This is a follow on from my last post of two weeks ago. Have I got a book written, or at least part 2 of the book written within the two week period I had hoped for?

No. Simple as that, no!

But I have been trying!

A story centred around my short e book “Chemical Warfare?” is forming in my mind.

I’ve just booked another two days in my caravan. Two days isn’t a long time to write a book in but if you google ‘write a book in two days’, ‘write a book in 3 days’, ‘5 days’ or ‘7 days’ you will see that people have done it.

I reckon that if I can find ‘7’ free days I can do it too. The book wouldn’t be written in haste. It would hopefully be a free flowing rush of words that have been trying to get out of my mind and into print for years.

I once escaped to an uninhabited Greek island for 5 days to write. I need to do it again, but this time I need to visit an uninhabited island in my mind, and from a place with a roof over my head, with food to eat, bed to rest on, facilities at hand.

When I am flush with cash I can bound off to another uninhabited island for as long as I like, but for now I need some security.

Caravan-can you help me?!


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2 Responses to Following on…

  1. plimmerd says:

    Good luck with the book Si.. I look forward to reading it. Dave

  2. David Ingram says:

    Good luck. Another Dave (in Costas, Romsey)

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