Short blog post People.

Oh my giddy Aunt!  Have I nearly finished it?  Have spent about 27 hours over the last 2 days writing up and rearranging my blog into an e book.  The word count, not that that is what counts(!)…is close to 40,000.  That’s a book isn’t it?!

Chapters on Litter, Human Rights, Travel, Litter and Human Rights, Travel and Human Rights, Travel and Litter, Travel Human Rights and Litter.

Probably quite a bit more to do, but I’ve bloody done it.  Nearly there now, nearly there!

(It was pretty messy here at the motorway services yesterday!!!).



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1 Response to Short blog post People.

  1. Gillian says:

    You are truly amazing, Simon. Whatever next?

    Meanwhile we are gently gathering the detritus round the lanes of Shaftesbury, half happy, half despairing. We think of you often. you are an inspiration. We have shared several of your blogs with enthusiastic Swiss friends who build structures from unwanted shoe boxes, timber, plastic. they loved what they saw.

    All best wishes G&N


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