I’m still here.

I feel a bit of a fraud.  I did rewrite my blog, twice.  The second time it made a lot more sense and I got close to editing it ready for rapid publication on Amazon-but I changed my mind about that.

I’m still here at Rownhams Services on the M27 motorway, (not all the time!).  I figured that as I find it easy to write at these sort of places it would make sense if I could earn a living here too.  I could have tried working for McDonald’s-didn’t really fancy it though.

In the Services car park are several blue cargo containers.  On one of them there is an advertisement for a lorry washing facility.  I rang the number and left a message.  Said I was writing a book here and did they have any temporary work.  I thought whoever owned the business would probably just laugh at me.  I didn’t really even expect a reply.

But I got one.  I have been working washing lorries now for three and a half days.  Damn hard work-but sort of fun, and interesting too.

We spray them with detergent, vigorously brush them and then jet wash to finish.  There’s a rapid turnaround, a lorry gets done in about fifteen minutes.

So I can now work in the car park by day, and write in the services by night.

I still have the blog written up but am now writing a story about a guy called Jenson who makes his way to Greece via Turkey with the intention of trying to help with the Refugee Crisis there, and at the same time clean beaches.  The story is working. Just got to refine it, focus it, and make it a good read.  If I make it good enough maybe it can fund my beach cleaning?  Why not.

Back to washing more lorries on Monday morning.  In the meantime need to find the inspiration to bring Jenson’s book alive….this place is open twenty four hours a day.  I have no excuses, just apathy!


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  1. Gillian says:

    How good to hear from you, Simon, and how very interesting that you are studying the human condition on the M27. I immediately thought of all those tales by Steinbeck, Orwell, Hemingway and James Baldwin of wandering and travelling the world and meeting people and writing about it.

    We collected 6 bags, a lorry exhaust and a barbecue in one small country lane near here this morning. The birds sang and the butterflies fluttered.

    VBW Gillian & Nick


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