“Time 4 Syria”.

Evening All.  I wasn’t expecting to do this tonight!  But with the ease in which we can now express ourselves with the help of social media, I have allocated an hour to think about, read about, pray for, learn about, talk about, watch something on television about, Syria. That hour, 12 noon Syrian time, 25th December 2016.

It’s obviously voluntary.  I would love for our World Leaders to get together and lead a prayer for peace in Syria.  I have tried to kickstart it before, but it don’t happen!

However complicated the situation is in Syria, I am convinced that there is a power beyond us that has all the answers.

This hour for Syria is a little effort to try and access some of that power, to access a power for good, for positive change, for change without bombs, without bloodshed, without horror and without terror.  That power is there.  I am convinced of it.

Perhaps you might like to join in in some way.

Times around the world at 12 noon Syrian time can be found on this link.


Comments welcome.  Thanks.  Simon.


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1 Response to “Time 4 Syria”.

  1. plimmerd says:

    Hi Si.. it is heart breaking to hear what is going in Syria right now. It is hard to comprehend and imagine what it must be like living through the bombing and fighting. Like you, I pray for world peace. It has to come sooner or later. I will pray with you.. Dave

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