Time 4 Syria.

Noon Damascus time for an hour, that’s 10 am-11 am UK time, tomorrow, Christmas day. Anyone wishing to join me for any part of the hour sending positivity to the people and situation in Syria gratefully appreciated.

I’m going to take the dogs for a walk and send positive vibes to the group of people who are marching towards Aleppo from Berlin. They leave Berlin 10 am (their) local time, Monday 26th December. This is a group of people who have had enough of seeing the horrors on our screens and have decided to do something to show they want the situation to change for the good in Syria.

They needed to do something.  They decided to walk.  They chose Aleppo as their destination.

Either hundreds or thousands will start the march, some doing a few days, some more, some intent on the whole journey.

A wild idea?  A crazy idea?  An irresponsible idea?  A hopeless idea?…A good idea?  Who knows?

Sometimes you just have to act, take with you the best of your intentions, and follow your gut feelings.  This is what they have done and are doing.

A plan rushed together in just a month, things could definitely go wrong. But looking at their website, facebook and twitter feeds you can see they are not stupid.  They have put a great deal of thought into what they are doing.


All the best.  May you attract only goodness on your walk.



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