Just write a bit.

Apologies for not updating for a while, not that anyone was waiting I’m sure!

Just to say I got the work on the campsite, and have completed one coffee table to go on the decking outside one of their new glamping pods, another one to make soon.

I have started the next piece of furniture which is a combined sofa/table, also to go on the decking, and yes, another one of those to make soon too.

No photographs at the moment as internet connections are not allowing.  I´ll finish the sofa and then make sure I get some photographs uploaded.

As far as the Missing People work goes, I am concentrating my thoughts and efforts on three people mentioned on the Lucie Blackman site.  They are all gentleman.  They were all out walking when they went missing, and they all went missing in a relatively small and known area.

I have contacted various people, and am coming up with a plan of sorts.  I think it would be good, families and friends allowing, to organise further longer term, unpanicked, meticulous searches of the areas again.

I have often thought of doing this, for walkers especially.  Many walkers are finally found, those that sadly have had accidents, by random people out walking themselves.  It often seems that when there is no intensive hugely stressed  searching, the innocence of passers by, no threat to any search, come up with the answers.

Am I the right, or one of the right people to do this sort of work? Unless I investigate that thought I’ll never know.

I was sat in a coffee house on the way to work today and I thought ‘well at least I am the right person, or one of the right people to spend time considering whether I am the right person’.  I cannot really get that bit wrong can I.


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