Rustic Furniture and Missing Persons.

Rustic Furniture:

I found a place to download my photographs.  I made a similar table back in Crete about ten years ago.  The top of the table is made from old pallet wood, the rails from transport timber, 2 and a half inch by 2 and a half inch and the legs are from a single piece of driftwood cut into four.

Missing Persons:

The three gentlemen I am looking to see if I can help locate are listed on the Lucie Blackman Trust Website,  The three people were out walking in known areas at the time of their disappearances.  Extensive searches have been done. Maybe we can do more.

These people are Roger Bainbridge, 67 years old when realised missing on September 24th 2013.  Roger was last known to be walking on the very small Greek island of Antipaxos.

David Manning, aged 84 years old at time of disappearance.  David was known to be walking in the hills on the Greek island of Ithaca. David has been missing since September 12th 2016.

David Wood, 61 years old at time of disappearance.  David was out walking a familiar trail to him in the Tinee Valley in the South of France.

It is horrific for the family and friends of those who go missing.  On one level it is as if the World is playing tricks on you.  Personally, I believe we have created a World that allows this horrendous feeling of being tricked to occur.  I wish to work with the notion that the World does not want to play tricks on us.

Beat the myth, and just perhaps some of the mysteries of disappearances will be revealed.



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