Carry on…or give it a break for a year?

Damn, having just gone down to Kimmeridge Bay to shoot some unprofessional but well meaning videos I get back to Costa Coffee in Blandford to download and make the semi-useless but well meaning video…to find that You Tube have stopped their easy to use, free, and basic video editing package!

I still have the videos.  I still have the few photographs I took.  Oh well!

My laptop is so old that it won’t support up to date video editing packages, so I either need to bring myself up to date, or find someone willing to do the work for me.

I dropped into Shaftesbury Town Hall the other day.  It is possible to hire the main hall for the evening.  It has seating for around 100 people, (hopeful Simon, hopeful!).  For ‘notforprofit’ organisations it’s £57 for the 4 hour session.  I think it ‘could’ be good to hire it and promote the session, hopefully getting people interested in’ clearing up plastic debris from our coastlines’ to come along and brainstorm.

Here are the few photographs I took.  They are on the theme of ‘various objects instantly disappearing’.

Was that a wasted morning?  Shall I give this up for a year?  Should I hire the hall?  How can we clear all this plastic up?  It could be easy.  It could be fun.  It could be rewarding.  It could give a lot of people, quite a lot of ongoing work.

I won’t give up today, (for a year), but I might give up tomorrow, (for a year).









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2 Responses to Carry on…or give it a break for a year?

  1. Lilian Modlock says:

    How disappointing Simon. This was in Friday’s Telegraph


  2. Gillian says:

    We are v encouraged by your VOID ideas.
    You could try St Peters Hall (immediately behind Town Hall) at top of Gold Hill as it is cheaper, probably seats 70+
    Also ask at Swans Yard office in Shaftesbury about the video download difficulty; they are a charity to help local needs and might have ideas as to how to get your new images uploaded.
    Still away with my ancient mother at present but all possible good wishes .
    G & N

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