Keeping the ball rolling…

Local radio, Breeze Radio interviewed me yesterday. Hopefully they will put something out towards the end of the month and then do some promotions nearer to the Public Meeting on the 15th November.

I was asked how I thought the beach cleaning organisation would work. I had to give the simplest of answers! People will arrive at designated beaches, clear the plastic, take it to specified recyclers or to specific storage depots, clean up, go home, start again next day. End of week get paid!

But I realise things will inevitably be more complicated than that.

I am getting some help with regards to the best way to go as far as Social Enterprise, Not For Profit, Charitable status goes.

I am also wondering how to start. I feel I need some sort of a plan to offer at the meeting., the social enterprise crowdfunding site have a good template to work through. It helps you come up with a near on fool proof plan.

What if I centred my initial plan on a two week clean up of Chesil Beach? Plenty of space to work in. More than likely plenty of plastic and fishing gear to pick up. It is also very well known and might spark off further interest in a long term plan for VOID, (major beach cleaning/coastline project).

I need to consider money, workforce, transport, equipment, health and safety, legal structure, relevant places to take waste plastic, publicity…

What do you think of that, a two week ‘paid’ clean up of Chesil Beach, perhaps with a working party of five people?

I think I will work towards this idea.


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