“VOID” Public Meeting yesterday.

It was a very good meeting, five of us all together. Thank you for coming.

I showed a few photographs, shared some stories, some knowledge on the beach plastic situation and midway through the evening we watched a twenty five minute video by Boyan Slat who updated us on his magnificent OCEAN CLEAN UP project. (The link to it is below).

We spoke about the notion of paying people to clean our coastline of plastic. We spoke of how to fund it.

I showed a few very short videos that I have made, funny ones. At least I think they are funny! I am pretty much convinced that I can raise money from corporate sponsors who in return for funding beach cleans will get their business’ promoted by me.

I called a mate this morning. He has agreed to fund a day’s beach clean. I am going to promote his business. He sprays wood. He sprays it well. He works near Pangbourne in Berkshire. I’ve known him for over thirty five years. I will be doing the beach clean tomorrow morning, (Friday 17th November). Here is his website, my first corporate beach clean sponsor. Thanks Neil.


The Ocean Clean Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du5d5PUrH0I&t=470s


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